DIY guitars

Les Paul II

The guitar started life as a Rocktile Electric Guitar Kit Single Cut Style. The body and neck are made of mahogany, and the guitar is covered with a massive poplar top and thin veneer. The guitar is equipped with bone nut, Gotoh GE104B bridge on proper vintage screwed posts, Gotoh GE101A aluminum tailpiece and Kluson Vintage Style Tulip 3L/3R N M33VC tuning machines and Nickel Gotoh EP-B3 Strap Lock. The pickups are custom hand-wound Slug PAF style Alnico V Humbucker Set #005 (8.35KΩ bridge and 7.3 KΩ neck, Alnico V charged to specific levels). The wiring is done in 50’s style with Mallory Mustard 22nF capacitors and Hosco YM-T20 switch. The body finish is thin, french-polished (glossy),  layer of Lemon Shellac that provides the classic hard finish. The headstock is reshaped to classic LP shape covered with veneer on both sides. The cavity covers are custom made, matching the headstock veneer.


The first guitar kit I have built was Stratocaster, or correctly LA Electric Guitar. The guitar is made of maple (neck) and baswood (body). The guitar was at first finished with Danish oil finish and is bearing a custom headstock shape. Since then I have reworked the guitar significantly multiple times. Originally blue guitar body was resprayed to red and additional relicing was done. The guitar was upgraded with Fender Vintera 50s Vintage Stratocaster Pickup Set, Fender Vintage-Style Tremolo, Kluson MK6LN Tuners, newer string trees, jack, strap pins and updated wiring. Tremolo was blocked by wooden block and the tremolo cavity is open.

Les Paul

Or correctly New Jersey Electric Guitar was my second DIY guitar kit. Because I was really satisfied with the default result I decided to upgrade the guitar even more. I have installed Gotoh SG381-04C tuning machines, custom hand-wound Slug PAF style Alnico V Humbucker Set #001 (8.8KΩ bridge and 8.4 KΩ neck, Alnico V charged to specific levels), bone nut and Gotoh GE104B bridge (on M4/M8 brass conversion posts). I have wired the guitar in 50’s style with 22nF TESLA TC 207 capacitors and with two push-pull pots to invert the phase of the pickups. have changed the knobs to gold reflector version. The headstock was custom shaped with unique lighting-like design. The result is a greatly playing and playable guitar for all occasions. The guitar is finished in Danish-Oil.