UX design

I started working on UxD (User Experience design) projects for enterprise customers through Spatial Hub team (formerly Laboratoř virtuální reality). These projects have been solved as part of user interface research.

Information system Qi

As a member of Spatial Hub team, I have worked on a redesign of comprehensive corporate information system Qi, developed by DC Concept a.s.. I have participated in projects named Expert study on the user interface of the Qi information system, and The Innovation of rules for designing Qi user interface.

Portal Moji Lidi

As part of Spatial Hub collaboration with Cyrrus Advisory, I have been involved in designing of user experience and user interface of portal Moji Lidi.

Mobile application Gisella

As part of Spatial Hub collaboration with Envipartner, I have been involved in designing functionality, user experience, and user interface of Gisella application. Gisella is a geodata-based application with real-time sharing and data synchronization between devices.

Tools for the Infrastructure team

As part of the Infrastructure team at MENDELU, I have designed user experience and user interface of some tools and information elements.

Website Design

I have designed web page Informatika na MENDELU as part of a promotional campaign.

Fictitious UI for video clip “Den studenta”

As part of the MENDELU promotion, I created a fictitious user interface controlled by gestures for an innovative part of the stop-motion video “Den studenta”.

Design and implementation of simple games

As part of getting to know OpenGL and Javascript. I designed, created graphic elements and implemented simple computer games.