As my first acoustic guitar, I have chosen a cheap, yet quality made model Cort AD810 OP. The guitar is a Dreadnought type with a spruce front plate (laminated). Body and neck are made of mahogany. Fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood. The guitar is fitted with die-cast tuning machines. The guitar has a scale length 643 mm, 20 frets. The first fret has a width of 43 mm.

Cort AD810 is a decent sounding guitar that is both visually appealing (Open Pore finish) and shows a texture of the wood itself. Manufacturer, while saving on some details, such as printed black rosette and lace etc., but these are on a cheap guitar like this insignificant details. When looking inside a guitar you see the wooden parts trimmed including a sound hole and the frets are cleanly polished. The guitar is shipped with basic setup including a standard action and comes with quality coated strings (They should be D’Addario EXP 80/20 bronze Light).

I’ve improved the guitar with a few small adjustments:

  • Nut replacement: Replacing  it with a compatible and superior Fire & Stone nut bone nut allowed me to lower the guitar action.
  • Bridge saddle replacement: I replaced the original plastic bridge with a compensated buffalo bone bridge saddle, properly trimmed to lower the action. It is a cheap replacement with great impact on the sound of the guitar.
  • Bridge pins replacement: Bridge pins made of bone surprisingly improved overall sound quality of the guitar.
  • Lowering the action: I achieved a good result by adjusting the truss rod of the guitar and filing the nut and the bridge saddle during their exchange.


Title Image – © Cort